Tails of Success- Buddy

Jun 10

Heike Mayes

Tails of Success- Buddy

by Heike Mayes


This is a story of how dental disease became a painful reality for this little Dachshund.

Buddy is 13 years old and has been a patient at our Everett location, Broadway Animal Hospital since March of 2002. His parents adopted him just 1 day before bringing him in to meet all of us.   We have had the pleasure of caring for him ever since. His parents take very good care of him and he has been a very healthy dog for most of his life.

One day, Buddy was in for a regular exam with Dr. Sara Mayes because his owners had noticed a wound on the right side of his face that was draining. During the exam, Dr. Mayes discovered that the wound was caused by an infection in one of his teeth. We put Buddy on some antibiotics and scheduled him to come in for a dental cleaning as soon as possible. His parents diligently set the date on their calendar and dropped him off for the cleaning just days later.

Buddy was anxiously awaiting his procedure while the doctor and technicians were preparing. After buddy was sleeping peacefully under anesthesia, his teeth were cleaned and polished, but not before that pesky carnassial tooth was extracted along with 2 other teeth that were loose.

Soon Buddy was back in the comfort of his kennel with a nice warm blanket and a heated bottle to help him recover. He was given an injection to help with pain and inflammation. We called to let his parents know that he was doing well and that once he was fully awake he would be able to go home. We sent him home happy as can be and already feeling relief from his tooth ache. He came back to see us 2 weeks later and he had recovered splendidly.

We were thrilled to see that there was no longer a draining wound on his face, he was feeling much better and his extraction site was healing well. Today, Buddy is feeling great. He eats and plays all day, without a worry in the world.

Feel free to contact our Seattle or Everett location for any pet dental questions. We are always happy to help.


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